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The motto of the Olive Branch is triumph over life’s difficulties. I, Dr Barbara Wade, aim to help you make positive changes during challenging times in your life through professional therapeutic counselling in my practice, The Olive Branch. The therapy I offer is based on the most up to date research in the field of trauma. I was trained over three years by experts from the United States. I am a Somatic Experiencing© practitioner. This is a gentle approach, integrating the effect of trauma on the physiology of the body as well as the mind and emotions. Clients benefit from this wonderful approach to trauma resolution, which ensures it does not have to be an ordeal to heal.

I recognise that a relationship with a significant person, whether a partner, parent or child can be one of the most nourishing and rewarding experiences in life. However, there are times these relationships are a source of pain and distress. In addition to trauma therapy, I assist with relationship difficulties and all forms emotional distress. I have received advanced training in Emotionally focused Couples therapy.
I have a passion to see lasting growth in people’s lives and I strive for a deep understanding of those with whom I work.

I realise that the Lord had called me to work in this field. I love what I do and am grateful for the privilege of sharing my clients’ journeys to healing. I will strive to continue to provide our communities with effective, compassionate professional care.

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Phone: 072-122-4766

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