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Dr Beatrix Jansen van Rensburg

I am a clinical Social Worker in Private Practice specializing in Child and Family Therapy. My Private Practice is at 1 McLeod street, Somerset-West. I obtained a Masters Degree in Gestalt Play Therapy in 2005 and received my PhD in Social Work during 2014. My scope of practice is mainly focused on the child (age 3 and older) whom expressing an emotional need through inappropriate behavior. I used my trained skills in Gestalt play therapy to assist the child to enhance his/her self-awareness, self expression and self support. Through Play therapy we address the child's incomplete emotional need and unexpressed feelings that are disguised in his/her inappropriate behavior. The parents becomes part of the child's intervention program and I treat the parents as a very important variable in the child's healing process of dealing with unresolved issues and incomplete needs. I focus to create awareness for the child's unique temperament and preferences that play an important part in the child's process, expectation and perception off his/her world. We focus on the core family as 'n unique system where each one comes to the table within his/her natural process. This working model creates more understanding for the child's unique expression of his/her needs and assist in enhancing the parent-child interaction creating a connected parent-child relationship. Parental support and Parenting Coaching for new and older parents focusing on understanding the child's different developmental phases and neuro development and how parent's can assist their child's emotional development through the conscious-parenting style using emotion-coaching techniques in stead of a very unsatisfying behavior-focused parenting style. Parents are coaching how to deal with tough behavior eg. tantrums and emotional outbursts, stubbornness and hitting and biting etc. while still stays emotional connected to their child.

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