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I am a Social Worker and Social Development private practitioner with  27 years of work experience in different positions in Social development , Health development, Entrepreneurship and SMME development and support centred in project management skills, techniques and models. I provide capacity building and organizational development services to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), government, academic and private sectors

I work with teams in different settings in aspects ranging from being a practitioners, supervision and management, Educative - developing the skills and knowledge of workers; acquiring professional competence; engaging in reflective practice;  Administrative/Managerial - promoting and maintaining good standards of work; implementing agency policies; monitoring and improving work performance; Supportive - maintaining harmonious working relationships, morale and job satisfaction. Managerial/Normative - addresses the administrative tasks that are required by the organisation, including managing workloads. Developmental/Formative - focuses on learning and professional growth, Support - eliminate issues to reduce anxiety, Mediation relates to negotiating/engaging the worker with the organisation

Staff Empowerment and Support: EAP(Employee Assistance Program) services, Emotional Wellness services, Psychosocial interventions services i.e. assessment, counseling and referrals, Coaching and Mentoring, Debriefing sessions and Peer group development, Capacitate staff with information and knowledge, in understanding how disaster, crisis, and other problem situations affect them, their environment and equip them with coping skills e.g. COVID-19, floods etc., Group development process, Facilitative leadership development, Team Building and Group Dynamics Program.

Skills Development and Training: Entrepreneurship development, Mentorship and Coaching, Training and Train the trainer (Facilitation skills), HIV/AIDS education and training, Social Behaviour Change Communication programs, Development of GBVF, VAW, VAC & SRH programs, Gender 101 training as “Training the Trainer”, Gender and Governance training workshops to municipalities and other government structures, Community Mobilization to prevent and manage GBV, Femicide & HIV for by MEN & BOYS

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Phone: 0826618791

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