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As a social worker I have extensive experience as a counsellor and therapist, and a special interest in relationship issues and life challenges.  If you are reading this you may be considering getting help with something important to you:  this is often the first step towards a more positive and satisfying future.

I work with adults - individuals, couples and groups - towards recovery, personal growth and change.    Therapy, whether brief or more long-term, helps people know and understand themselves and each other better, develops emotional and relational insight. The trauma of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need for social support and the value of regular meaningful conversations to help build resilience, and to counter the risk of depression or other mental health problems.  It has also made therapy more accessible regardless of location, e.g. through online platforms like Zoom or Skype.

My clinical approach is psycho-dynamic and integrative, helping clients explore the nuances and meanings in their relationships or experiences. I have trained as a Life Coach and as an accredited Group Analyst.  My Wendywood practice in Sandton, Johannesburg offers online "tele-health" therapy and, when circumstances permit, in-person face to face consultation for:

  • Couple therapy to address current challenges and enhance relationships;
  • Individual personal support and growth therapy to develop self-awareness and more effective personal and professional relationships;
  • Trauma- and grief counselling;
  • Life-change support counselling:  for divorce, relocation, retrenchment, developmental changes, health issues etc;
  • Group Therapy:  A highly effective and affordable weekly therapy group provides social support and regular stress management while building social self-confidence and crucial "EQ" skills.

This is a cash practice, with a BHF Practice Number to facilitate medical aid support by most SA medical aids. You are warmly invited to contact me to discuss your individual needs and options.

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Phone: 0834571432

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