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Mari-Elna Louw

I am a registered Social Worker in South Africa and also an HCPC registered Social Worker in the United Kingdom. I have 50 years of working experience and ten years of this were in the United Kingdom.  In England, I worked as a Family Therapist, with a Children and Families Intervention Team and provided therapeutic help with a variety of issues.  I also worked with two colleagues in private practice, called Swift Councelling and Coaching.

While working in the UK I added extra qualifications to my CV, which enabled me to deliver more effective services to my clients. In 2007 while working in the UK I won the "Employee of the Year Award" - for excellent services delivered. I am a Europe Accredited EMDR Practitioner with the EMDR Europe Association (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). Imainly  specialize in the following four areas:

1. EMDR THERAPY:  EMDR is a very effective psychotherapy for unresolved trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as for a wide range of other trauma-related difficulties such as Grief and Loss; Anxiety; Fears and Phobias; Adult and Childhood trauma; Sexual Abuse; Disturbing Memories; Depression; Stress Reduction; Rape victims recovery; Victims of violent crimes such as farm attacks and Armed robberies; Overwhelming fears; Panic Attacks; Low Self-esteem; Performance and Test anxiety; Reduce drug/alcohol use; Reduce the risk for suicide and thoughts about suicide;  improve social skills; improve family life improve problem-solving; psychological abuse or neglect; abandonment experiences and marital betrayals; difficult Divorces; Excessive anger; Adult survivors of Child Abuse and Trauma; Fear of Public speaking; Phobias such as fear for the dentist, heights, spiders or other insects and animals and the after-effects of Military personnel (e.g.Bush War) and Recce's.

2. CLINICAL CHILD/ADOLESCENT ASSESSMENTS.  It is a play-based and child-friendly assessment of a child's unfulfilled needs,  problem behaviour,  trauma after parents' divorce, or other traumatic experiences. The child can express himself through projective play and doesn't need to have the words to describe his/her feelings or trauma, because it is clearly indicated in his/her drawings and projections through play. This assessment clearly indicates the problem areas in a child's life.

3. ATTACHMENT THERAPY FOR INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS.  The Nurture by Nature Attachment Therapy Group is for those parents who  struggle to bond or attach with their baby or child.  It is a six to eight week sessions program plus a video for each session to demonstrate the session which includes the following :    1.  Life before Birth in the Womb;  2. Attachment in Practice;  3. The Inner Working Model - the First Year Attachment Circle;  4. The Developing Brain and Attachment;  5. The impact of abuse on a Child;  6. Attachment and Domestic Violence.   7. Attachment and the Value of Play.  8. How to keep your baby safe.

4. THERAPY WITH CHILDREN/TEENAGERS WHO SUFFER COMPEX TRAUMA AND DISSOCIATION.   For severely abused, neglected or terrorised children (e.g. witnessed a farm attack)    Dissociation such as doing something and then unable to remember it; shut down; excessive daydreaming; inconsistent performance , for instance the child is able to do maths one day and the next the child is not able to do maths; hearing voices; special friends in their head that nobody knows about; pre-occupation with fantasy figures; rapid and unprovoked changes from calm to aggressive or displaying infantile behaviour;  staring, glazed eyes or backward roling of the eyes; inappropriate display of emotions and no memory of significant events.


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