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Stuck in a relationship: it happens that human beings may need guidance and support when they have challenges in a relationship be it with a partner , family, a friend, colleague , boss or a friend.

These issues stem from hurt feelings causing varying degrees of emotional or psychological pain. Working with an experienced therapist, you will gain mastery over your own experience and make sense of your feelings. With counselling you can move ahead and take control of your life. 

Divorce: To find happiness and to create a new life after divorce.

Trauma: A big persentation of the population has been affected by some form of trauma. Trauma counselling is an effective way of coping with this negative experience. Individual sessions to work  through the painful feelings such as anger , sadness and guilt, help to recover from the symptoms that result from experiencing, witnessing or participating in a traumatic event.

Bereavement: With compassion and understanding the person who has lost a loved one, will be assisted with practical wisdom and spiritual insight to rebalance his or her life and find the courage to continue.

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