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It is said that the single largest problem in communication is that people do not listen to understand, instead they listen to reply.

In my view a relationship does not have to fracture before embarking upon therapy. A relationship ‘tune-up’ is just as important as a ‘fix’.

Communication is a very complex subject. Every relationship is unique with its own dynamics. As a qualified social worker and Relationship Therapist I find that most relationship challenges stem from weaknesses in communication. Those weaknesses are not necessarily a lack of skills on the part of either or both partners, but cracks and fault-lines in the bridge between the different communication patterns and styles. I help couples mend those cracks and heal those fault-lines. In doing so hidden expectations and goals are uncovered and discovered.

All of this is achieved through counselling which explores all facets of a relationship. It builds on strengths and explores the real and perceived disconnect in the relationship. Better and healthier bonds of communication are thus fostered.

A happy relationship is not a destination. It is a journey. I am able to guide couples along that pathway and cross the bridges they encounter along the way. Together, we create a framework for sustaining good communication practices.

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