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Parental guidance

I firmly believe in assisting adults to better understand themselves and their children. Through this to be empowered and able to provide loving care and ensure the well-being and optimal development of children, parents and families.

I aim to be practical in my approach, providing tools and techniques, along with insight development, to make the experience of parent guidance one that is helpful and supportive.

The 2020 COVID Pandemic experience has placed great strain and unpredicted expectations on parents and families that have stretched our normal coping mechanisms, leaving many parents and children feeling confused about what to expect of life and themselves. I believe that it is essential to create a space for children, parents and families to process the loss and frustrations caused by the pandemic and to assist them to re-evaluate and rediscover their resilience and purpose.

Child counselling

My passion is to provide sensitive, caring, essential services to children through child focused assessment and play based intervention therapy. I aim to provide a voice for those who do not know how to express themselves in the confusing, complicated world of adults.

Therapeutic intervention is offered using play based techniques . The aim of therapy is to enter into the world of the child and, through the use of play as the 'language' of therapy', assist the child to process past or present challenges and to develop coping mechanisms to prevent future manifestations of experienced difficulties.

Therapeutic intervention with teenagers 

Therapeutic intervention is offered using narrative therapy, building insight and understanding into one's own functioning as well as play based techniques if appropriate . The aim of such therapy is to enter into the world of the child and, as with therapy provided for younger children, assist the child to process past or present trauma and to develop coping mechanisms to prevent future manifestations of experienced trauma


Child assessments

The purpose of the socio-emotional assessment of the child is to evaluate different systems in the child’s world as well as in the child’s socio-emotional functioning and emotional experience of these systems. The evaluation also aims to identify and understand different factors that contribute to the child’s current experiences, in order to make the necessary recommendations in the best interests of the child.

The evaluation process is conducted from a systems viewpoint that recognizes that the child is influenced by the system he/she belongs to, just as the system is affected by the individuals that belongs to it. A holistic view is used to assess the child’s functioning in all areas – relationships (school, peers, parents, siblings, marital, discomfort), attachment, broad screening of motor- and perceptual functioning, screening for possible trauma exposure (including physical and/or sexual abuse), and personality functioning/temperament.

Parents and teachers are often confused and worried about the behaviour of children. I believe that all behaviour is communication. Our children are trying to communicate with us using the tools at their disposal. Often, when children are confused and overwhelmed by their emotions or experiences, they do not know how to tell us what they cannot figure out themselves. The aim of the assessment is to look into the child's world and experiences using validated and theoretically sound techniques to help put into words what the child is experiencing and what is causing the confusing and challenging behaviour. I then aim to translate the child's experience into adult words to build a bridge between the adults and the child. In the feedback I aim to help the adults understand what is causing the behaviour and make recommendations of what can be put in place to help the child, assist the adults and reconcile relationships and families.

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