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I have been a social worker for 39 years and had worked primarily in the Child Welfare sector before entering private practice in 2001.  I had dealt with some of the worst- case scenarios involving children and families and had learnt to deal with any volatile situation that erupted without warning and to cope with unplanned, unscheduled work within a labor- intensive context. I believe this served to equip me not only with the knowledge & skills but the ability to act decisively & handle any situation that presents itself. I am thus involved in several areas of generic Counselling with families, children and couples.

From 1994-1999 I entered the field of Adoption at Child Welfare and dealt exclusively with all types of adoption. During this period I assisted with the drafting of the agency's adoption policies & manuals, undertook workshops and training and managed all the adoption related matters. This is where my passion for adoption work started and grew!! It was no surprise then that  when I entered private practice in 2001, I immediately registered a specialty in adoption with SACSSP & SAASWIPP. I have since been accredited with SACSSP and since 2010 I have been additionally accredited by the Department Of Social Development as an Adoption Specialist to provide adoption services nationally in line with the requirements of the Children's Act 38 of 2005.

My other area of work that I enjoy is Facilitation and Training which I began in 2001 via the Employee Wellness Programs. I am currently involved in Training with ICAS, one of the largest EWP in South Africa. I have undertaken student training with UNISA between 2008 - 2013.   I am also a registered Facilitator & Assessor with HWSETA. I believe that training allows me to connect with people who otherwise may not have the opportunity to benefit from practical and informative topics covering a range of current issues. Knowledge is key to helping people gain insight to enable them to cope better in these stressful times 

Finally, people often ask why I have remained in this profession for so long. The short answer is that this is one of the best fields to be in when you have compassion and care for people and you can help them make a difference in their lives!!

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