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South Africa

I have a Master’s Degree in Social Science (Mental Health). Certificate in Family Therapy.

I approach life and work from a systemic and constructivist mind-set. I work strategically, structurally and dynamically, with my extensive academic and theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience, developed over 30 years.

I consult as :
Individual Therapist
Couple and Family Therapist
Organisational Development Consultant & Trainer
Personal Life Coach
Group Therapist

I have a passion for understanding & working with the relationship between the mind and body in physical and mental wellbeing. I have a book published on titled ‘A Systemic Paradigm for the (Mental) Health Profession’. In my book I discuss an exciting field known as PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology), which scientifically studies the interaction between the psychological, neurological and immune systems in the human body. One area I focus on is Stress Management


Contact Information
Phone: 0832658312

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