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I have always been interested in a better understanding of both myself and others, and thus trying to find meaningfulness in life’s varying realities.

I appreciate working professionally with people who also are facing challenges like I and all of us have had to face along our life journeys.

I am grateful when I progress in creating a safe enough place for clients, making it more possible for them to find words to describe some internal experiences they have previously denied because they found them too threatening. If I can facilitate change in others to begin making sense of themselves and the world in a different, fuller way, including to take account of these denied experiences, then healing becomes possible.

Because your mind and your frame of reference matter to me, I would rather talk about desirable and positive changes than about what is not working in your life. We could therefore work together to develop your full potential and focus on what is within your reach and what forms part of life’s predictable realities in your context.

I most often work with people facing challenges with:

- Anxiety and depression

- Mental Health

- Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms

- Life crises

- Changes in health

- Parents and learner difficulties

- Marriage difficulties

- Grief

- Personal development

Brief Curriculum Vitae Recap:

Before completing my Master’s Degree cum laude in Mental Health and starting my Private Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice as a Clinical Social Worker, I have moved through various professional careers both in South Africa and the UK, all of which contribute to enrich my facilitation as a therapist.

I started with a B.A. and Education Diploma, teaching English at high school, and after reading for a B.Ed. (Hons) I continued lecturing students in Educational Psychology while becoming teachers themselves. I subsequently volunteered as a life skills counsellor under the supervision of Pastoral Psychologists and Clinical Social Workers. Exposure to this professional field triggered my longstanding passion to be appropriately trained in the Mental Health Professions. I returned to full-time Social Work undergraduate study and internship, (B.A. Social Work (Hons). I worked as a Drug Therapist at Rehabilitation Hospitals and Private Clinics in Johannesburg while continuing with my Private Practice, part-time. My Master’s degree paved the way for Locum Social Work employment in London and as Social Work Practitioner and Assistant Team Leader in Ceredigion Social Services in Aberystwyth, Wales as well as registration with the UK Association for Family Therapy before returning to South Africa.

Contact Information
Phone: 072 751 8640

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