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I completed my Honors Degree in Social work during 1992 at the Hugenote College that was accredited to UNISA.  After completion of my studies I worked in different areas of social work, but focused mainly on child and family care.

After working at different child and family welfare organizations, I registered as a private social worker during 2010.  The main reason for registering as a private social worker was the realization that there was a need for certain services to render a more effective service that was and is still not rendered by most welfare organization's.

With the following service I try to accomplish to help families to resolve their problems.

Services rendered:

Pre- and post abortion:

Assessment of children and adolescents:  (3-18 years)

The socio-emotional assessment focusses on various systems in the child's living world, and the child's emotional experience of these systems.  These systems are assessed holistically.  The assessment also aims to identify and understand how various factors contribute to the child's emotional experience in order to make recommendations in the child's best interest.

Play therapy:

Play is the language that children speak until aged about 12 years. Children cannot always express themselves and speak about their feelings. Play therapy helps children to work through their feelings and thoughts in a safe place, through a "language" they know best: play.
Play therapists use techniques with children to help them with expression of feelings, thoughts and traumatic experiences. Drawing, sand tray, storytelling and projective play are some of the ways to help children. The therapist to facilitate the child's own healing through what he enjoys
doing and at his own level and pace.

Play therapy in general, anxiety and anger is done.

Therapy with adolescents

Therapy with adults

Family therapy

Attachment therapy:

Attachment therapy is a directive, structured therapeutic process that aims to facilitate the strengthening and reconstruction of the bond between a child and the primary caregiver.

Parental guidance


Relationship counselling

Divorce counselling

Mediation and parenting plans








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