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Lome Cronje Steps of Hope

Working with hurting Children and their families is my passion in life!

This practice offers the following services:

1. Play therapy with children from different backgrounds and emotional issues for example

* Divorced families (no court work)
* Bullying at school
* Trauma of any kind eg robberies, death, relational trauma ect.
* Sensory integration problems
* Relationship issues
* Emotional intelligence for children

Qualification: MA(MW) PLay Therapy 1997

2. Parent guidance and education

* Individual sessions on parenting to improve the relationship.
* 8 week structured Parent Educational Traing course
* Online Book Club for those who did the training
Qualification: Gordon Training International -  PET training 2016

3. Trauma Counselling  - New Hope
*  Individual sessions dealing with traumatic events
*  Group debriefing after traumatic incidents
*  Work with adults and children
Qualification: Trauma Incident Reduction by TIRA International 2014 and 2020
Trauma Incident Reduction - Advanced Training 2017
Trauma Incident Reduction with Children 2020
Life Stress Reduction 2018

4.   Supervision:
Supervision available to collegues in the same specialization field as used above
Qualification: Supervision Traing FAMTRAC  2020

Hope to hear from you soon and to be of service to you!

Contact Information
Phone: 0845065953

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