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Ronel Ferreira
Ronel Ferreira


I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work (1994) which includes psychology as a major subject and is focused on Employee Wellness Programmes, Mediation, Management and Organizational Development. I have 29 years’ experience.

I have been in Private Practice since 1997 on a part time basis, and have been in Private Practice on a full-time basis since 2014. The focus of my practice is on:

            Forensic Court Reports for Child and Family Matters (Care, Contact, Parental Responsibilities & Rights, Best Interests of the                                                  Child, Child’s Voice). I am currently based in Westville, Durban but work nationally.

I also render the following services:

  1. Court Reports for Substance Abuse Committals
  2. Mediation in Family and Divorce Matters
  3. Parenting Plans
  4. Gambling Addiction Treatment
  5. Employee Wellness Programmes / Counselling
  6. HeartMath Life Coaching
  7. Organizational Human Factor Bench-marking
  8. Civil and Commercial Mediation

I have completed the following courses in addition to my Masters Degree:

  • Forensic Report Writing in Family Law (2018)
  • Voice of the Child Toolkit (2018)
  • Adult Interviewing System (2019)
  • Children’s Act & 2018 Amendments (2018)
  • Family & Divorce Mediation (2012)
  • Legal Course for Mental Health Practitioners (2019)
  • Civil & Commercial Mediation (2012) ADR Group London
  • Organizational Human Factor Bench-marking (2018) North-West University
  • HeartMath Life Coaching (2017) HeartMath South Africa

My Professional work experience includes the following fields:

  • Child Welfare for 10 years of which 8 was as Head of Office. I was responsible for all aspects of the management of the office, inclusive of supervising the work and reports of 6 Social Workers in terms of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005.
  • SANCA (SA National Council for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation and Prevention) for 18 months as Head of the Clinical Division.
  • NICRO (National Institute for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation of Offenders) for 3 years as Social Worker and a further 18 months as Branch Manager.




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Phone: 0824517248

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